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Who is Your Head Coach

Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard, ACC, CPCC


Our unique lens shapes our ability to relate in business and in life.  Through decades of experience, I see the world with the straight up honesty and spirit of a Brooklyn-native, combined with California wellness-cool, and at a global scale.  My style is classic, with a bit of edginess.

I am an experienced mentor and coach who seeks to draw out the special powers of each player (in life and business), showing leaders how to leverage their personal magic to maximize success.  

Never expect the status quo.  I care enough to deliver outside the lines to make the people around me as successful as they can be, no matter how much of a stretch a project may be.

My network is vast and diverse, with long-term relationships from the C-suite to all business functions, in a variety of industries and cultures.  I am a passionate communicator, a natural teacher and a motivator when it comes to building connections with audiences of all types, and I am an experienced and highly sought-after content developer and public speaker

I bring people together who would not have connected otherwise.  I am a bridge builder.

With over 26-years in corporate Sales and Product Marketing Leadership within large and mid-sized enterprises, start-ups and in emerging technology areas, I have driven and experienced business growth from a wide range of perspectives.  I am obsessively customer-focused (both internal and external) and have consistently leveraged a why-they-should-care approach to build stronger connections between core areas of an enterprise: sales, marketing, business unit, end customers and partners.  I also have a strong appreciation for all go-to-market disciplines.

I hold advanced certifications with the International Coach Federation - ICF (ACC), Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC), and from Cornell University in Women's Executive Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion.  I am an IIN-certified holistic wellness coach and former fitness trainer, and I have beaten Stage 3 endometrial cancer and shown it who is boss.

Experiences matter, and the world is ours: I have lived in L’Aquila, Italy; Valladolid, Spain and on the island of Crete.  I speak conversational Italian and NFL football, and my Spanish is rusty, but viable.  I recently took up drums, and I have aspirations to play AC/DC in a rock band!

I am a dog mom to Labrador, Riley McGee, and regular contributor to the ASPCA, and an ardent supporter and contributor to Veteran organizations, Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues.

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