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Flip the Switch for Better Results!

What if we FIPPED THE SWITCH by spending less time dwelling on what’s WRONG, and more time working with what’s RIGHT?

As I reflect on the morning, I'm struck by a common thread that runs through many of our conversations (in corporate environments as much as in our personal lives) - a tendency to focus on what's wrong, rather than what's right. It's easy to point fingers and place blame, both on others and even ourselves. But in doing so, we often overlook the positive aspects of a situation and miss out on new opportunities, and even real growth.

What if, instead of instantly jumping on what is wrong, FIRST we shifted our focus to what is right?

Could better understanding the 'RIGHT' give us a greater platform for growth – as individuals and teams?

What if we spent more time celebrating our successes and used those as a foundation for building even greater achievements in the future?

By embracing a more positive outlook, can we then tap into our innate creativity and problem-solving abilities, and tackle challenges with renewed energy and enthusiasm?

Of course, acknowledging mistakes and weakness areas is an essential part of the learning process for any individual, team or company. But allowing our focus on the negative can overshadow

our progress and potential.

As leaders, individuals and teams, what would be possible by cultivating a culture of positivity and possibility, where we

recognize and build upon everyone’s strengths, and use them to overcome our weaknesses?

What if we practiced shifting our perspective from what's wrong to what's right? How would that help us generate greater results?

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