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The Lens Leadership 2024 Giving Campaign: Team Rubicon

Last week I announced that in 2024, The Lens Leadership will be honoring the service of Team Rubicon with a Giving Campaign. Our goal is $10,000 to give to this great, Veteran-led organization that over the last 14 years has deployed over 150,000 Veterans and first-responders to natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world.


Each week I’ll be sharing something here to help create awareness for the outstanding service and leadership of Team Rubicon in our communities – the Team Rubicon Greyshirts have likely been deployed in a community close to you!  Here’s a short review and video covering some of the operations from 2023:


  • 10,900+ individuals served across the US: from the first operation of 2023 addressing the California Atmospheric Rivers (which I witnessed first-hand) to December’s tornadoes in Tennessee, and all too many in between.

  • 17,650+ individuals served Internationally in 2023: 43 International operations served individuals in countries that experienced cyclones; water, sanitation and hygiene challenges, medical needs and more.

  • 13 hurricane and tropical storm responses

  • 13 tornado operations

  • 30+ flood responses

  • 30+ wildfire operations

  • 20+ homes rebuilt.

  • 1400+ Veterans and active-Military members deployed in 2023.

  • 5500+ Greyshirts deployed in 2023 operations


The strength, skills and leadership of our Veteran community is so valuable when it comes to helping communities recover in unplanned times of serious need. 


As a non-profit/in-service organization, it takes ongoing donations to continue to serve in such an important way.


The Lens Leadership is proud to support such a great organization in 2024.  Thank you for your contributions.  Please donate here if you feel inclined, and any amount is always helpful. On this page you will also see some of the ways your donations can help:

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