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The Special Little Details Make All the Difference

There is so much value in understanding the big picture. But don’t underestimate the buds that can bloom so beautifully from the simple, little details…

  • Like making a proactive call to ask a Sales Executive or Product Manager how you can be helpful to them.

  • Like taking a little extra time to help explain WHY to a new hire.

  • Like noticing that someone on your team seems tired and giving them whatever time they need to rest their mind.

  • Like learning a few words of Portuguese before the customers from Southern Brazil come to the EBC.

  • Like calling a long-time employee who is ill, and saying, ‘we have your back’.

  • Like ending your workday early to spend the rest of the day playing with your child.

  • Like saying good work. Or thank you. Or I really appreciate you. Especially, when it’s least expected.

These are all real-world experiences that I can personally draw from either as the giver, or the receiver. These are examples of little details that may seem little, but the feelings and connections they imprinted for me and for the people involved, are ones that have lasted a lifetime. I encourage you to ask me about them!

How can you tend to a vital little detail today and every day, and set the tone for something bigger than what would have happened otherwise?

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