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Coaching Introduction

In this 30-minute video session, we'll explore the possibilities of coaching before committing to a package.


Executive Coaching

The greatest leaders and championship athletes all have a trusted coach whose entire focus is on partnering with the leader or athlete to be the best they can be at making an impact and hitting their goals & objectives.


Who: For senior executivescorporate leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to stand on the cliff's edge and learn to fly!

A coach with decades of experience in global enterprise leadership, whole wellness, team-building, and impact-making, will be your trusted & confidential partner with whom to:

  • Offer new perspective to expose hidden or unseen opportunities 

  • Try on new ideas

  • Explore potential blind spots

  • Tap into your core strengths and leadership style 

  • Ensure you are accessing your true leadership potential

All packages are fully customized based on the interests of the client.



Leadership & Lifestyle Coaching Package

Who: For young professionals, emerging leaders and high-reaching individuals aspiring to take their dreams and fulfillment in life to the next level.

At The Lens Leadership we are developing confident, influential & inspired global leaders with courage, positivity and presence.


We will partner one-on-one to tap into your personal power, exposing new and exciting opportunities that may not have happened otherwise. Our relationship is a trusted partnership focused on you becoming the best leader you can be in the areas of life that you care about. We will work together to tap into your unique strengths and style.  We will work together to maximize your effectiveness as a leader in the world.  You will be challenged to reach above and beyond what may seem available or comfortable in the moment, and support you in achieving more than you ever imagined, and being fulfilled in your journey.


All packages are customized based on the client's personal interests.


Wellness Package

The objective of this focused package is to help you develop healthy habits, and to give you the tools need to take on your days with a great deal of energy, a glow, and to feel better than ever before.


Our Head Coach Alison has a lifetime of experiences in diet, fitness methodologies and wellness that lead her to becoming a certified holistic wellness coach as a side passion in 2015, prior to which she was also a certified fitness coach. She has designed programs for large groups and individuals, helping hundreds of people to achieve unexpected goals in their overall well-being.


Alison’s philosophy to whole wellness is founded in the concept of bio-individuality, and takes a 4-pillared approach.  She will work with you in each of these areas: how we FUEL our bodies, how we MOVE, how we find CALM and how we find JOY.


This is a customized coaching package that focuses very specifically on each of the 4 pillars.  We will establish a baseline through initial discovery and set targets over a 6-month timeframe.  


Enterprise Go-to-Market Consulting

Available for GTM consulting with small and mid-sized organizations.  Drawing from over 26-years of global enterprise sales and product marketing leadership in large, mid-sized and startups in the IT/infrastructure/cloud tech, I am available to advise teams and individuals on product launches and all functions of a marketing plan, sales enablement, executive communication, building strong networks, customer and channel success, and content development.  We will customize a package based on your needs.

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