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Who is Your Head Coach


Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard, ACC, CPCC

Alison is a former tech enterprise sales & product marketing executive who has helped global companies build multi-billion dollar run rates. She is a passionate bridge-builder & networker, connecting people and teams that would not otherwise have recognized their unified opportunities.


Outside of work, she has been on a lifelong journey exploring the realm of human potential and whole wellness, and she sees the power in every individual.


She firmly believes in the value of holding every leader up to their highest possibility, because too often we unconsciously neglect or reject whole parts of us that hold the keys to realizing our highest potential – success we can feel viscerally!

About: About
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She sees the world with the straight-up honesty and spirit of a Brooklyn-native, combined with California wellness-cool, and, having lived and worked around the world, on a global scale.

Her style is classic, with a bit of edginess, and this is reflected in her approach to coaching: empathy with a ‘make things happen that would not have happened otherwise’ mindset.


She holds advanced certifications with the International Coach Federation - ICF (ACC), Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC), and from Cornell University in Women's Executive Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion. She is also certified in the Tru™ Strengths Realization platform for driving inside-out individual and team performance; and a certified trainer in

human-potential practices. She is also an IIN-certified holistic wellness coach and former fitness trainer.

She takes on life like a warrior. In 2021, she beat Stage 3 endometrial cancer and showed it who is boss.


Her natural strengths and background enable Alison to work equally as well with women and men, in multi-generational groups, and across cultural boundaries.


In 2020, she looked death straight in the eye and said, “Not now, bub! I have things to make happen!”

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