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Live Event: Extraordinary Women in Tech Conference 

Featured Speaker; hosted by Avenue Code – October 3-4, 2022, Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco


Web Event: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2022 Women in Power: Breaking Through the Glass...

Hosted by Stefan Tonnon & Rise and Lead Women – March 8, 2022

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Podcast: ThriveLOUD with Lou Diamond

Episode 704: “Brooklyn Spirit + California Cool” – December 19, 2021


Podcast: Market Impact Insights with Dan Albaum

Lessons in Life and Leadership – December 13, 2021

WeWomenLead Team Rubicon.png

Webcast: We Women Lead, with a Special Veteran’s Day Event

Guests Ana Luna & Larysa Murray, Team Rubicon – December 13, 2021

Host: Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard and We Women Lead

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Learn more about Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

Why The Lens?

We move at such a frenetic-pace in today’s world that it’s hard to slow down and recognize opportunities outside of our immediate vision: our Lens

Learn more about Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard

Lessons in Life and Leadership

Women leaders offer a lifetime of wisdom to work and live by

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