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Diverging Mindsets at a Party: How Two Co-workers' Attitudes Shaped Their Night

Short story about claiming the results we want.

2 successful people who work on the same team, at the same company, get paid the same, walk into a party of 100 well-dressed people they don’t know.

👩‍🔧 Person 1: Is very nervous what other people will think about them. What if they don’t like me? Am I ‘good enough’ to be in this room? Can’t wait to leave.

👩‍🔧 Person 2: Is very excited to meet new people! Curious about who she will get to know tonight?! Ready to walk up to a nearby group.

Same situation.

Same circumstances.

Same 100 people in the room.

Which one is more likely to walk out with new connections? Which one is most likely to have a better experience.

Circumstance is not the driver unless we let it be.

Thoughts matter.

We are all at #choice for the mindset with which we create our #results

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