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Why Do You Work Out?

Who can relate to working so ‘fast and furiously’ that you feel depleted?

Oh I see, everyone raised their hand...


Yesterday a long-time friend and former colleague mentioned she had decided to train for the next Boston Marathon. Listening to my body as I have picked up the pace of my own training of late, it reminded me to share a short anecdote that can serve us all – in business, sport, or any category of goal we take on.


Let’s start with a question:


🤔 Why do you work out?


If you are 9 out of 10 people, you responded, “To get stronger.”


In actuality, we work out to get WEAKER. 


We tax our muscles and joints to the point of failure, and the high-level science of it, is we break those muscles and joints down with that effort or exertion. It isn’t until the day or period of recovery that our muscles and joints regenerate and grow stronger, so that we can be most effective in our next workout.


When it comes to work, our switch is on for 12, 16, 20-hours a day/night. We wear badge of ‘honor’ called ‘workation’. We trample over all boundaries and put everything else in our life on the backburner for the sake of…MORE WORK.  We put a high tax on our brains, like the breaking down of our muscles when we exercise. AND – we get weaker along the way!


And yet, we continue to buy into the idea that piling on more, more, more; faster, faster, faster – until we’re burnt out, devoid of creativity, innovative ideas, low attention span…


What value comes from this non-stop over-exertion?




How is this approach hindering our ability to maximize creativity, innovation, growth, relationships, value to your customers/clients, results?


The marathon of work requires strength and resilience, and that demands wisdom and self-awareness, which can only really come in our times of pause and recovery.


Whether we are an individual contributor or leading a company, what value could an athlete’s training process bring in reassessing our own approach to achievement?


Are you truly investing in your long-term success, or are you sacrificing sustainability, growth, and innovation for an illusion of productivity?


 Want a partner to help you confidentially explore these questions to enhance your company’s productivity?  Schedule a call with me to explore the possibilities! ⭐



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