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1:1 Executive & Leadership Coaching

No matter where a leader is on their success journey, there is always room to grow. Like a championship athlete, great leaders also have trusted coaches to help get them from where they are, to where they want to be. And like fine tuning the skills of a star athlete, great coaches believe in the extraordinary potential for their client’s success. In partnership, a coach helps their client to tap into that potential so that it becomes recognized and actionable.
Who: For executives, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders in any arena of life

Whether it’s with Alison, or another highly experienced coach that matches with your needs, The Lens Leadership will customize a high-touch, 1:1 program to help you reach your goals and thrive beyond what you may otherwise have imagined.

Why consider a leadership coach?  If you’re a successful person, and yet, one or more of these scenarios sound familiar to you, let’s set up an exploratory call:


  • You worry about making a ‘wrong’ move

  • You worry about failing or what other people will think

  • You don’t always get the results you want at work OR in other areas of your life

  • You’re someone who believes your self-worth is directly tied to what’s going on at work

  • You want a big change but aren’t sure how to start

  • You’re feeling stuck 

  • You’ve accomplished so much & are excited for what’s next!

  • A voice in your head Is screaming, ‘there’s more out there for me!’

  • A voice in your read this and said, ‘am I ‘X’ enough for a coach?’

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Experiential Workshops 

As leaders we learn best when we’re “experiencing” the learning instead of memorizing information. As individuals, when we can connect with what we’re learning in such a way that we can feel how it directly impacts our own life, we’re most likely to find it valuable.

The Lens Leadership offers ongoing experiential leadership workshops with extraordinary individuals and teams around the world.  

Now running: Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life.  5-star reviews are in for this highly interactive, 3-hour workshop where you will ignite your creativity on behalf of living the life you long for in the year ahead. Attendees experience what it is to be the CEO of their Life by 'taking the reins' and owning their life like it's a corporation. Leave with a structured, visionary, inspired and actionable plan to thrive in your year ahead like never before!

Here's what some of our attendees are saying:

“Invest in this powerful workshop and make a personalized plan to increase your intentionality and impact” ~ N. Lee, Senior Marketing Executive, Global Cloud Security

“This work seemed so simple and uncomplicated AND it was profound. The awareness I gained into myself, even as someone who is trained as a psychotherapist, are tremendously valuable. I know the impact this will have on my life will resonate for years to come.”
“This was amazing and inspirational, but also quite practical, Alison helped me define a plan for the next year!”

Check out reviews on our Testimonial page & REGISTER for an upcoming workshop below.


Speaking & Group Workshops

Alison has a style that is connected and motivational.  She seeks to move someone from where they were when they walked in the room, to a newly inspired place.  She speaks at conferences and meetings, and offers a variety of engaging and interactive workshops, typically customized to the needs of a group, on topics such as:

  • Resilient Leadership Through Adversity and Change

  • The Importance of Mental Fitness for Those Who Lead

  • Mastering the Art of Networking

  • Achieving Goals with a Plus 1 Mindset

  • Leading with Strengths and Building Your Personal Brand

  • Bridging the Generation Gap at Work

  • Building Impact & Customer Connection

  • Thriving with the 4 Pillars of Wellness

Whole Wellness.jpg

Whole Wellness Coaching

The objective of this focused package is to help you develop healthy habits, and to give you the tools need to take on your days with a great deal of energy, a glow, and to feel better than ever before.


Our Head Coach Alison has a lifetime of experiences in diet, fitness methodologies and wellness that lead her to becoming a certified holistic wellness coach as a side passion in 2015, prior to which she was also a certified fitness coach. She has designed programs for large groups and individuals, helping hundreds of people to achieve unexpected goals in their overall well-being.


Alison’s philosophy to whole wellness is founded in the concept of bio-individuality, and takes a 4-pillared approach.  She will work with you in each of these areas: how we FUEL our bodies, how we MOVE, how we find CALM and how we find JOY.


This is a customized coaching package that focuses very specifically on each of the 4 pillars.  We will establish a baseline through initial discovery and set targets over a 6-month timeframe.

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