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The Lens Leadership

Perception shapes every outcome.

Why The Lens?

We move at such a frenetic-pace in today’s world that it’s often hard to slow down and recognize the wealth of opportunities outside of our immediate vision: our Lens


Our unique lens shapes every action and every outcome. Ours lens is the perspective that carries us forward through every area in life: our work, our relationships, our playtime, our physical and mental well-being, and more.  But what opportunities would be exposed if we invited in more opportunities to try on a different lens?  How would this expand our ability to be more enriched, and to achieve greater outcomes?

The Lens Leadership delivers coaching and leadership services to high-reaching individuals and groups who aim to become more fulfilled and successful leaders in work and in life



CURIOSITY before judgment 

BUILDING COMMUNITY & CONNECTION through conscious listening, diversity, and inspiration

MAKING AN IMPACT through creativity, action, service, and a courageous spirit


FUN AND JOY in whatever we do - DANCE in the moment!


Jenna Antos

Sales and Business Development Professional, US

"Alison is real, raw, and relentless in her pursuit to bring out the best in her clients. At the time (we started working together), I was successful, on the top of my professional game, and perceived by others as a rockstar! But I wasn’t fulfilled, and I was losing my spark. Alison dug deep with me into the depths of my soul, and she handed me the match to relight my fire! Alison’s coaching style invigorated me to think outside of the box and create a new perspective to live by, balancing the personal and the professional." 

Nicola Silver

BioMed Executive, Bristol Myers Squibb, US

"Alison held me accountable and stretched me outside of my comfort zone which then allowed me the ability to grow. Within 6 months, she helped guide me to make an important personal life decision. I could not have done this without her and The Lens Leadership. She is charismatic, positive, and enthusiastic. Her personable, caring and empathetic nature allowed me to be myself. Alison is the real deal…she helped me achieve results. I look forward to continuing with her as my coach. I highly recommend her!"

Emmanuelle Luba

Partner Marketing Director, Cloud Security - Paris, France


"I love the way I am being challenged to think outside the box, and how I am now creating new habits that serve me as a leader at work, with my family and with my community. I am learning that slowing down my pace can magically impact my results for the better! I take great pleasure in reflecting and learning from the challenges Alison gives me prior to each session. Having partnered in building my personal plan for 2023, can't wait to see what's in store for the year ahead! I definitely recommend coaching with The Lens Leadership."

Emilie Liebers

Healthcare Consultant, US

"The opportunity to work with Alison has truly been once in a lifetime. As a young professional new to the workforce, Alison has encouraged me, brought my passions to life, and helped me to both identify and pursue my long-term goals. From the start, this experience has been empowering and with Alison’s guidance I am challenged every meeting. Leadership coaching has made me recognize my unique qualities and strengths. I am more confident than ever and have a much more positive view of myself and abilities."

Mouna Lyoubi

International Development Consultant, Morocco

"Alison's coaching created a neutral and safe space for me to face and accept the path I have designed for myself. It allowed me to identify my values that have, for so long, accompanied my journey, without getting the central position they deserve in my choices. I was able to open my eyes to new possibilities ahead that orbit around the values I cherish. I highly recommend Alison’s approach to anyone that wishes to see the global picture, and to paint their future life’s canvas."

Paul Werner

Vice President, Global Technology company, US

"Alison brings a unique mix of business, wellness and personal experience to her practice. She’s had a successful career as a marketing executive in global technology firms. She understands the push and pull of competing demands in a high-pressure environment. However, what will surprise you the most is her wellness and healing journey. Hers is a story of loss, determination and ultimately triumph that we can all learn from. When you combine her business success and personal journey you have a powerful cocktail of real world experience that makes her coaching practice highly impactful."

Rob Rosiello

Chief Revenue Officer, Cybersecurity IT, US

"Alison is uniquely skilled when it comes to connecting and communicating - blending client needs, industry trends and best practices, as well as the organization's alignment to execute.  She brings a natural, well- rounded approach to every engagement with her intelligence, curiosity, energy, pragmatism, and the art of the possible."

Shawn Dainas

Vice President, Worldwide Communications and Brand, Networking IT, US

"Alison is an exceptional speaker and equally an excellent coach who can elevate others to own the stage and drive high-impact conversations with customers and key stakeholder audiences."

Darrell Briggs

SVP North American Sales, Cloud Networking and Visibility, US

"Alison is incredible at connecting and sustaining connections with people, listening, following through, and is a terrific judge of people’s character.”


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