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5 Habits Mid-Career Leaders Should Break

While many would say I was always a super-focused, results-driven woman, striving for excellence in my tech career, I sometimes reflect and wonder, where could I have been a more impacting for the whole, more encouraging, more at peace with myself as I pushed and stressed myself for more, bigger, faster, better? 

Now I don’t regret my journey. I learned from and experienced massive successes and some noteworthy failures; and I would not be who I am today without the journey.

I often reflect on the people. I built lasting relationships with colleagues and customers worldwide that I value deeply. I am a natural bridge-builder and connector, and I seek out ways to understand another’s point of view – even when I don’t agree.

But when I really get accountable and own the choices I made in each step along the way, I see that I could have significantly boosted efficiency, strengthened connections, increased productivity – and reduced stress for everyone – simply by following a few rules.

Based on lessons and reflections I’ve learned along the way, here are a few questions you can ponder:

🤔 What CAN I, and what can’t I control? Spend time on what I can.

🤔 What assumptions am I making about a situation or someone’s perspective? How can curiosity help expose more possibilities?

🤔 How much energy am I wasting over-analyzing someone or something?

🤔 How much active listening am I really doing? What have I learned?

🤔 How am I pausing to reflect and notice what’s really happening?

Hindsight is always 20/20.  I’ve reflected and learned and grown a whole lot over the last several years as an executive coach. 

For leaders and aspiring leaders, how can these lessons support the impact you make and the wins you inspire along your journey? I’d love to hear you experiences!

Check out the gallery below to underscore the 5 habits to break.

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