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🚀 BE the CEO of Your Life 🌟

LEADERSHIP is a conversation - not a badge of honor. It's not a title. It’s a way of being. If you want to lead in your life - stand for it. Own it.

Leadership is about the COURAGE to move through what we perceive to be hard, through the challenges, regardless of circumstance; regardless of how we may look.

It’s the CURIOSITY to learn and wonder what we don’t know, and to grow by listening to others - because there is something to learn from everyone. Everyone.

It’s taking a STAND when nobody else will.

It’s holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE before pointing fingers - after all, as leaders we own our outcomes.

It’s about being willing and open to step out of the COMFORT ZONE to explore something new and hopefully expand our lens on life - in honor of a greater VISION. And it's about INSPIRING others to see that vision too.

And it’s about the RESILIENCE to get up when we fall, and the choice to move forward.

Leadership IS about being a CEO - not of a company, but of your life and the courageous actions you take to live a fulfilled life. On and off the playing field we call work.

So here is the question of the week:

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