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Building Bridges: The Impact of Diverse Perspectives in Leadership

What an amazing group of people in last Friday’s Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life Leadership Experience! 


So many walks of life, and yet everyone walked out energized and ready to create a new level of results… frankly, I felt the energy of this group in such a way that even as the creator and facilitator of the work, this multi-dimensional cohort opened up new possibilities for ME!


Responding to what they liked most about interacting with people they would not otherwise have met:


One attendee said: These people were so cool - from every walk of life, different backgrounds and interests. I loved that. Not sure how I ever would have met (this person) or (that person) out in OK and in different fields. More than that, each of the participants entered fully to the workshop and just opened-up their hearts and souls. It was beautiful. Your approach and style make that possible.


Another said: “Utilizing technology to create a bias-free environment.


It made me so proud to see a room of men and women from such unique roles and places, and backgrounds come together to hold each other up to every person’s highest potential. 


I saw a viral ad from Heineken several years ago called, OpenYourWorld, that had a huge impact on my own vision and purpose.  In fact, in my office I have it incorporated into my vision on my whiteboard next to my desk.


In the ad, people from completely diverse walks of life and mindsets are paired together in an experiment under the premise that they were building something (they built a bar).  Under typical circumstances, these pairs of people would never have connected nor spoken. And yet, at the end of the experiment, when their points of view in the world are revealed, every participant connects with their partner and sees humanity. Instead of their differences, they see just how much they share in common.  And they choose to sit and drink a beer at the bar they built together.  I knew when I first saw that video that someday I wanted to build SOMETHING like that for more people to experience.


Now while that is a secondary take away from Take the Reins, after last week’s cohort, I can only step back and say to myself: WOW.  It’s happening!


If you'd like to participate in an upcoming Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life experience, the calendar for registration is HERE.




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