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Empower the World: Growth Mindset

🤔 On my mind:

  • Pointing fingers versus curiosity;

  • The meaningless scroll versus pausing to consider the meaningful;

  • Assuming we already know versus questioning what else is possible;

  • Carelessly ignoring versus intentionally seeking to step into the shoes of someone we may not understand;

  • Worrying about minutiae versus caring or our fellow man/woman (regardless of our position or stand or party or religion or gender or sexual orientation or race or abilities…)

We talk a good game about the value of a growth mindset, and yet, too often we mindlessly move without stopping to think, to feel, to learn a new perspective.

To make a partnership, a team, a company, a nation, the world a better place we each must proactively seek to grow. We each must practice curiosity over judgment.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s very important post...

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