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Frame-Forward Leadership: Navigating Success Through Unique Perspectives

What is your unique frame?


🌐 From within our frame, we interpret the world.

🤝 From within our frame, we connect with others.

🚀 From within our frame, we take action.

🎨 From within our frame, we create results.


From within the confines of our unique frame, we invent stories about what is right, wrong, good, bad.  Is it really?  Or is it merely our frame of reference?


You see, we can only create from what’s within our frame in this moment in time.  Our experiences and our layers of learning through life shape our frame.  Our point of view.


But what becomes available to us when we seek out new experiences – even better, the uncomfortable ones?  We grow!  We expand that frame!


And by expanding that frame, a whole new world of possibilities joins us!


What are a few of the experiences that dramatically shaped your frame?  I’ll start with a few – I hope you’ll share below!


🏙️ My early childhood in Brooklyn, New York

🎭 The leading role in Love That Turnip in the 4th grade in Chatham, NJ

😅 Being teased as an adolescent teenager for being too awkward/too fat/too thin

🌀 An often-misunderstood experience called Lifespring.

🇮🇹 Living in a small town in Italy

🖥️🐃 A nerf data center and a wild buffalo dancing through a ring of fire (if you know what this is – it’s time we caught up)

🏈 The year leading up to SuperBowl 42

💔 My Dad’s sudden passing

🩺 My cancer disruption

📚 Publishing a book from idea to Amazon in 33 days


What’s the next brave step you’ll take to expand yours?  (no need to answer, just be in the question)






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