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From Comfort Zones to Results

Of course, we all know Einstein’s theory of insanity: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. Makes perfect sense.

So, what makes us fall prey to doing the same thing again and again?

Early on in my learning about the ways of leadership (this is in my early 20s, but a few things from way back then stuck), I connected with the mantra: IF IT’S TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME.

This idea is not intended to mean, ‘I’ll just do it, so it gets done the right way’. That’s egomaniacal, and of course, I have been there too.

It’s to say, how am I BEING to create the result I have now? And how can I shift my way of BEING, to elicit a new result? It’s a courageous idea, because sometimes that means we must summon up the inner strength and fortitude not to be right, or to show a new side of ourselves that may be uncomfortable if what’s more important is connecting with a teammate or a whole team or a friend. Sometimes it means going for something completely outside our comfort zone to experience freedom or joy or connection or intimacy or some other personal value if that’s more important than temporary discomfort.

This idea matters in every profession, every walk of life, every endeavor. We all want results.

I’ve offered this before: who we are BEING is generating more results than what we are DOING.

So, think about it. If there are areas where you feel you may not be getting the results you ideally want, how would you BE if you were generating a better result?

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