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How Are Your Choosing to Use YOUR Life Energy?

About a year ago I started taking drum lessons. I have plenty of other demands on

my time, but I received this random email from The School of Rock, and right then and there I made a choice to pick up the phone and schedule my first lesson in something I knew nothing about – but it sounded like it could be fun. Today, after learning to play a couple cool songs and having been to several live music events this year, I notice that I am just mesmerized and moved by drummers.

I have found myself calling this year, ‘The Year of Adventure’, which to me just means saying YES to experiences intuition tells me will fill my cup – even if my former excuse would have been, ‘I just don’t have time’, or, ‘the seats are too expensive’, or, 'maybe someday'. Instead, I have decided to trust that everything will work out and go for it anyway! I have one life! Travel, music, arts, literature, sports and fitness, philanthropy, family, friends – AND work – are all part of the adventure and how I am choosing to expend my LIFE energy.

It's amazing the LIFE that a mere shift in perspective over circumstance can bring.

So here’s the Question of the Week:

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