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If It's To Be, It's Up To Me

If it’s to be it’s up to me.

This does not mean to put the weight of the world onto my own shoulders until I drop from exhaustion.

What it does mean is if I want something to be so, it is up to me to:

> take a stand for it.

> find my way.

> explore new places.

> step out of my comfort zone.

> partner with people who have different skills or knowledge.

> be curious.

> shift my attitude.

> walk away from something or someone who is not serving my greater purpose.

> step into the abyss.

> say no.

> say yes.

> set a boundary.

> be okay to be wrong.

> look silly.

> explore an unknown pathway.

> ask a question.

> reframe a perspective.

> consider an alternate position.

> create a new habit.

> walk through the muck.

> get uncomfortable.

> set a stretch goal.

> shout from the rooftop.

> say I don’t know.

> believe I can.

> own my circumstances instead of allowing my circumstances to own me.

> build the bridge.

> allow someone else to shine.

> be the energy that pulls others along.

> lock arms with my ally.

> lock arms with an enemy.

> speak up.

> stop allowing excuses to be the reason why I don’t get the result I say I want.

> dig deep within and know I AM enough.

> hold the person beside me up to their highest possibility.

> be proud of someone else’s success.

> try something new.

> connect with someone I don’t understand…

That's what it means.

If it's to be, it's up to me. How about you?

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