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Insights from 100 Successful Women & the Power of Human Touch in an AI-Driven World

Today is typically the day I share the Question of the Week. I’ve decided to share something else for you to consider as you wish.

Over the last couple of weeks, I asked approximately 100 successful women around the world (across the US, Australia, EU, Middle East), ranging in ages 22 – 91, and from many diverse industries, roles and backgrounds, the following question. I was curious for my own business purposes, but it became so interesting to hear the themes that came through – I thought I’d share:

Question: Aside from equity/equality, what do you see successful (define success however you wish) women longing for most these days? Use 3 words or short phrases only.

A few thoughts given the clear themes that came through….

In the now age of #AI, with machines that have unfathomable intelligence, yet zero emotion, fostering an environment of respect, balance, support, recognition, connection, joy, and peace is becoming more paramount to success.

While technology advances at an unprecedented pace, it's the human elements that will make the difference. A workforce that feels respected, supported, and connected is more adaptable and innovative.

AI complements, but it's the human touch that drives creativity and ethical decision-making. Embracing these principles ensures your organization thrives in the AI era, striking a harmonious balance between human and machine.

Given the opportunity to grow and rise as leaders, women - who inherently understand these attributes are critical in leadership - will play a pivotal role in enabling companies to achieve these types of environments. And ultimately, that will enable all employees to thrive in a world where the human touch, balanced with AI capabilities, can amplify our success.

I would love to hear your perspectives on this topic as it relates to the increasing need for the human-element in leaders who will thrive in an AI-driven age.

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