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Leadership Does Not Begin with 'C'

All too often we forget that the act of leadership does not come with a title. Respect in leadership cannot be awarded by accident. It is earned. And everyone is a candidate.

We can all BE leaders in our lives simply by making meaningful choices. And while nobody is perfect, if we practice living with the qualities of leadership more often than not, we are in fact, leaders.

So what are some of the qualities of being a leader? Here are a few that stand out to me:

  • Leadership is being courageous enough to stand up for others even through adversity

  • Leadership is caring more about the whole team/customer winning than our own win

  • Leadership is taking the time to help someone else find their way

  • Leadership is being curious enough to learn something new about our customer’s business

  • Leadership is being clear with our mission or message so that others can understand and share it too

  • Leadership being a vessel for integrity so that everyone around us feels safe

  • Leadership is holding our own selves accountable and taking responsibility for our actions and our words

  • Leadership is being open to trying new approaches that may not be comfortable or familiar

What else? What are some of the qualities you believe are important as a leader?

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