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🧠 Lens on Leadership: Question of the Week 🧠

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

For those of us who understand how technology always challenges our absolute ideas about what can and cannot be, so too should we question our own human absolutely that bind us in the moment.

No matter who we are or what level of ‘success’ society has laid out for us, most of us have no idea what it really means to reach our real potential in life.

We limit ourselves within comfort zones we have fortified over the course of our individual experiences. And most of the time we don’t even realize it - we just know we are unfulfilled in some way.

So here is this week’s question, and a tip for how to take it into consideration as you make your way through the week ahead: notice the places where you might be making up stories about, ‘I can’t…’, or, ‘that’s not for me’, or, ‘if I did X I might fail or look bad’….

Check out the video to hear the question...

(EDIT: well - somehow this video did not want to be friendly with audio, so if you cannot hear the audio, here is the question: What is possible beyond your current impossible? OR - here is the link to the video on Instagram:

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