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Life as a Game: The Secret to Transformative Results Lies in Noticing the Way You Play

🌟 I must imagine if you’ve seen my posts about the workshop Take the Reins: Be the CEO of Your Life, you might be at least a little curious: What’s it all about? What could be in it for me?

First, allow me to share something very few people know about me. I began my work and curiosity about experiential leadership training decades ago. This was well before the 26+ year detour that would offer me a broad range of perspectives about the ways global organizations work and find success (or fall on their face).

I experienced first-hand and many times over, that no matter what we think we know about the way we play the game of life, there is always something new to reveal that will enable us to enhance our results.

So, when I built Take the Reins, the most important element was ensuring that every single unique human who came to ‘play the game’ (the workshop), would be given the space to uncover something new about themselves that would unlock new possibilities, new opportunities to reach their wildest dreams. And EVERY dream is valid.

This workshop is not about badges or titles or what you know. In fact, the approach is one that allows everyone to enter on equal footing. Why do I share titles in testimonials? Because culturally we are conditioned to think, “Well, that’s not for me. That’s for someone who isn’t like me.” And too often we start evaluating someone by looking at a title.

Let me share the most frequent comment I hear from attendees (paraphrasing): ‘I would never have met people from so many different walks of life and found how much we want the same things.’

So, while I often hear that I ‘should’ pick a niche, the reality is:

✨ if you strive to live your best life, there is something here for you!

⚡ If you can use a spark of energy, there is something here for you!

🤔 If you are curious about how to shake loose new possibilities in whatever you do, there is something here for you!

💼 If you are someone who lives for work, there is something here for you!

😊 If you want to do what makes you happy, there is something here for you!

🌈 And if you don’t think you fit into any of those examples, there is something here for you too!

April 5 is the next cohort for Take the Reins and registration has started here.

As soon as that one fills, I will add a new date – so bookmark the spot and keep checking back!

But it's up to you to choose to join the party! Oh – if you’re someone who looks for fun experiences, there is something here for you! 🎉

Here's a file with some of the recent attendee testimonials:

Download PDF • 8.43MB

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