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Listen in on the Moment for a More Fulfilling Game

It may sound a bit cliché to say, 'we live in such a fast-paced world', but the reality is - we rarely slow our own pace to truly experience it, to take it in, to shake things up, to check in on our level of fulfillment. As I engage with movers and shakers all focused on some lofty goal often defined by societal pressures, I notice that too many of us rarely stop to LISTEN IN ON the moment. We are so focused on fueling our egos and checking things off 'to-do' lists that we forget to check in on what really matters to each of us as individuals or as teams. This applies to the way we play the game in work and in all aspects of life.

The problem is, we go and we go, and we check things off the lists, and we get gold stars, and still, too many of us wake up in morning with the voice in our head screaming that we are unfulfilled.

How often do you proactively slow down the pace enough to question:

  • What's truly important about this thing I am doing (to me, to my team, to my organization, to my life)?

  • How does it align with my personal values in life?

  • What will it give me/us?

  • How will I know when I have it?

  • What stories have I made up that aren't serving me?

Instead, we go-go-go, and we are 'right' (and we think this post 'isn't about me' - and we are... right), and we keep on pushing and DOING. But at what expense? At who's expense?

As the CEO of your desk and your life, these questions are valuable ones to consider when it comes to leadership.

What could be possible if you stopped everything right this very second, to just deeply breathe in the experience of your game in this very moment? Close your eyes and ask yourself, what's really going on within me and around me right now? How could a little mindfulness of the mission, the players, the field, the equipment, the strategy, and the desired outcome make your next move truly matter?

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