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Shift Your Attitude > Shift Your Results

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Small shifts in attitude hold incredible power to transform outcomes. The best part? We ALL have this ability—it's just a matter of practice to make it a habit!

A few simple examples of how a shift in attitude can change an outcome:

Building Teams:

Ø Initial Attitude: You don’t consider ‘that’ employee as someone who can contribute a valuable idea

Ø Shifted Attitude: You openly choose to see every team member as bright, creative, and a possibility for new ideas

Ø Outcome: An empowered team with creativity flowing, that wants to make the whole group successful

Conflict Resolution:

Ø Initial Attitude: You approach a disagreement with defensiveness and anger. Ø Shifted Attitude: You choose to adopt a more empathetic and curious stance. Ø Outcome: Improved communication and the potential for finding a mutually beneficial resolution instead of escalating the conflict, and building resentment

Job Interview:

Ø Initial Attitude: You focus on feeling nervous and your self-doubt before the interview. Ø Shifted Attitude: You choose to focus on your qualifications, strengths, and how you bring outstanding value to the employer. Ø Outcome: Increased confidence leads to a better interview performance and a higher chance of getting the job.

Health and Wellness:

Ø Initial Attitude: You feel overwhelmed and deprioritize starting a fitness routine, saying you don’t have time. Ø Shifted Attitude: You embrace the positive impact a wellness plan can bring to everything you do and establish a determined, creative mindset. Ø Outcome: Increased motivation, consistency in workouts, and improved physical health and energy in your life.

Just a simple shift in attitude out of a self-limiting mindset can lead to better outcomes, and perhaps even more importantly - a more positive overall experience for you and everyone around you.

It’s available to all of us! Here’s a simple way to relate in this week’s #questionoftheweek

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