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Take Charge of Your Decisions: Own Your Power!

Decades ago, I stumbled upon a valuable lesson that continues to shape my approach to decision-making: when even the slightest hesitation arises, it's an immediate "no vote" for me. But what lies at the root of this NO? Often, we attribute it to the fear of failure or the fear of looking bad. While these reasons may seem like the most obvious and frequently encountered barriers that prevent us from taking bold steps, they are not the most empowering ones. In reality, these reasons exert control over us and dictate every decision we make.

To truly OWN YOUR POWER, it's crucial to dig deeper and explore the underlying source of your hesitation. When did the fear of failure start to govern your choices? When did the fear of looking bad become more influential than making a meaningful choice in the present moment?

Once you've taken a moment to reflect on these questions, embrace your discoveries. Recognize that you have a choice—you can either allow past experiences to continue dictating your path, or you can acknowledge them for what they are and make a new, powerful choice!

Remember, true empowerment lies in recognizing the influence of our past, understanding its hold on us, and then consciously breaking free from those chains.

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