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The Lens Leadership 2024 Giving Campaign: Team Rubicon, Week 3 Post

If you've been following along, you know that this year The Lens Leadership is raising funds for a Veteran-led organization near and dear to my heart: TeamRubicon. Each Monday I will be sharing something about the efforts of this great organization, so that you come to know more about the many ways Team Rubicon is out there everyday, in service to all of our communities.

Here’s a piece of astounding information. In 2023 alone, through October there were a total of 24, $Billion+ natural disasters in US communities!


You may not always hear about it in the media, but he pace at which $Billion disasters are now happening is every 11 days! In 1980 it was 82 days.

Founded by Veterans, Team Rubicon deploys trained Veterans and first responders to immediately help communities that have been devastated when disaster strikes.

Many of you have done the ‘push-up challenge’ to support Veterans impacted by PTSD. Imagine the impact Team Rubicon is having by giving our many thousands of Veterans the opportunity to put their unique strengths to work recovering our communities when their uniforms come off!


And their efforts extend beyond the US to nations who need aid from both natural disaster and humanitarian crises.


I ask you to consider any size donation to support the work of this incredible organization.


Thank you! Alison

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