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The Most Valuable Lesson of 2023

Reflecting this week on what I learned over the last year…

The most valuable thing I learned (I didn’t just hear it – I really learned it because it seems to be embedded and credible now more than ever) in 2023 is that everyone is just on their own journey doing their best with the tools they have access to in this very moment in time.

And what I mean by ‘access to’ is, we each have our own frame of reference (our lens) out of which we see, act, listen.  Without some external intervention, experience, expected, or unexpected learning, we cannot move through life with anything other than the tools with which we currently have access.


Why is this learning important for me?

The value of this is:

  1. It removes judgement on myself and on others, and in turn, removes unnecessary pressure and stress I put on myself based on circumstances or people I can’t control.  This frees me to experience life from a more curious, adventurous, balanced, and positive mindset.

  2. It centers me and empowers me to focus on owning what’s my own plate (what I can control) instead of surrendering my precious energy over to someone else’s.

  3. It allows me to be a MUCH stronger coach and leader, focused on enabling others to understand, and then own their outcomes. Helping someone else to just notice how they may be playing their game in any given moment, without making anyone wrong or less-than, is a powerful way to help a leader pause, consider their results, and then choose the next move.

I come away from 2023 with a whole lotta learning – I put in the time and introspection, and it was not always easy. In fact, it was more NOT easy.  But what a year it was for my own personal growth, and it has brought so much more value and opportunity to my clients and those around me!

I am so excited for what’s coming in 2024!

So... what is the most valuable thing you learned in 2023?

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