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The Purpose of the Question is Not the Answer

This week I decided to recap the first 10 ‘Questions of the Week’, in hope that you find or choose one to just sit with for the next week.

There is an opportunity here for YOU (yes YOU – pick your position, your title, your place in life because no matter who you are, you will get real value if you play along). Here are the steps:

  1. First, choose one of the questions below – like seriously – just close your eyes and choose. It doesn’t matter which question and you don’t have to over-analyze it.

  2. Instead of just answering with the first thought that comes to your head, consider it. Question it. Wonder what alternative possibilities may be available (perhaps not currently accessible) to you through the eyes of this question.

The purpose of the Question of the Week is to be in the question. Perhaps from there you will uncover an opportunity for something new that could be meaningful at work or in any area of your life!

So here are the first 10 questions of the week from the last 10 weeks, and the links to their video overviews on Instagram (please follow @The Lens Leadership there too, and share with people you care about – as a wise former boss of mine once said, ‘sharing is caring’)!

Here are the Questions of the Week from the last 10 weeks:

Week 1: How can you create if you already know what’s going on the canvas?

Week 2: What is possible beyond your current impossible?

Week 3: How do you play the game of life?

Week 4: How are you choosing to expend your Life Energy?

Week 5: 2 parts: What is something you accomplished that you never thought possible? How can use the feeling you had THEN as fuel for your ‘impossible’ goal now?

Week 6: What lessons have you learned from your biggest failures and leveraged them in life?

Week 7: What does it take for you to BE Giant? Use 4 words only.

Week 8: How do you lead in life?

Week 9: How are you creating whole wellness to support your leadership today?

Week 10: How could shifting your attitude change the entire outcome in a situation?

Thank you for your continued interest, your comments and encouragement!

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