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Unlocking Peak Performance: The Vital Connection Between Wellness and Leadership 💪🌟

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Wellness and leadership have been on my mind an awful lot lately. In fact, as an internationally certified executive / leadership coach AND holistic health coach (many people do not know that this has been a life-long passion of mine), I truly believe - and have for decades - that making our wellness a priority greatly impacts our effectiveness as leaders on and off the field of play.

I’m not saying there won’t be occasions when we pull that all-nighter, choose that fast bite over a nutrient-dense meal in order to hurry back to our desk, get overly stressed about something out of our control, or sit staring at the screen so long that our eyes are red, and back is sore…

But as leaders, these should be exceptions instead of the rule. Too often we end up with these habits and fail to pause long enough to notice that we are letting a whole lot of opportunity to THRIVE go in favor of cramming more work into a day. Contrary to what society may imply, it’s NOT a badge of honor to prioritize work over our own health and well-being. After all – you can’t work if you don’t have your health!

No matter who we are and what we do, we are more creative, more courageous, more productive, and more inspiring leaders for those around us when we create space for our own well-being – mind, body and soul included.

You WILL hear more about this topic from me.

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