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Unlocking the Power of Empathy: A Key Leadership Skill in the AI Era

Last week, my friend and former colleague Dan Albaum and I shared excerpts from a recent conversation about Human-Driven Leadership – which is showing up as more important than ever in an AI-powered world. 🌐 We covered Growth Mindset, Servant Leadership, and the importance of leveraging a Diversity of Ideas, strengths, and perspectives for team success. 🚀

Today we cover Empathy. And on that word alone, I know many of you are about to walk away, as you think, ‘Ugh! That again! Too soft!’ 😅

Fortunately, if you reframe it, you will find that EMPATHY is POWER SKILL that enables us to:

  • build our networks (I like to say ‘build bridges’, which many of my old colleagues will get in more ways than one) 🌉

  • form partnerships 🤝

  • become trusted advisors with our customers and internal stakeholders 💼

  • create lifelong relationships ❤️

  • be GREAT leaders! (btw, Satya Nadella and Warren Buffett are known for their strength in empathy) 🌟

Have a listen to this clip. It’s 4:53, and worth the pause. 🎧 And at the end, I ask you to consider: What could come from meeting 'them' where they are?

Stay tuned, as tomorrow I will share another short clip from this part of our conversation, where I reveal a significant revelation I had about ‘empathy’ in 2020… 🤔

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