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Want Results? Be Accountable for Burnout

I see a lot of posts about the topic of BURNOUT. Last week I was chatting with a close friend who was troubled that his wife is working 7 days a week, has become grouchy around the house, and it is impacting their life.

As I look back over the last few decades, it seems the pace of life has gotten faster and faster in the effort to find what? More money? More of what someone else defined for us as ‘success’?

With shrinking teams and pressure to perform in the market, the demands in the workplace have also increased – sometimes to the very point of being inhumane. I’ve seen it a variety of times, so I am happy to have the discussion. Sadly, the fear felt by employees to ‘perform or else’ has become dominant in many cultures.

Let’s not misunderstand: of course it’s important to reach beyond our perceived boundaries, and the sense of achievement can be quite fulfilling! But to constantly be in this mode - at what expense?

I have seen (hey, I have BEEN) too many friends and colleagues work themselves until they are physically and mentally ill. For the sake of what? Proving to someone we are capable of an almost impossible ask? Of course, we’re ALL capable of greatness, but not if we are killing ourselves doing what we do. How can we possibly show up great, if we are mentally and physically exhausted, incapable of being creative, innovative, and confident in our positions?

💪 For companies: to support employees and set everyone up for the best of results, leaders must start with themselves. Prevent your own burnout and the burnout of your teams, by practicing these 3 things, and actively communicate with regularity, that everyone has permission to do so.

💪 For individuals: some of these are easy to put off. We all need to practice them, and sometimes it starts with building a new habit (feel free to ask me about how to form a new habit). Being the best you can be is NOT about DOING more all the time. It’s about fueling your soul so that the things you choose to DO are great!

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