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Whole Wellness: A Fundamental Component of Agile Leadership

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Our greatest wealth is our health. I am sure you have heard that before. How much do you really sit back to consider it? ⭐️ Some of us LUCKY ones have had BIG life experiences that shove that lesson right in our faces! 💪 Some of us think, I feel fine – ‘it’ll’ never happen to me. 🏃‍♂️Many of us move so fast with the rigors of work that we put off wellness until tomorrow – or we choose that similarly fast-paced workout and call it a day. 🍫Many more choose that grab-n-go bite without pausing to wonder what we are putting into our body...

Do any of those sound familiar? I can tell you I have observed and experienced ALL of those scenarios – even being as wellness-minded as I have been for a lifetime.

What is Whole Wellness? Well, after at least 4 decades of observation, experience, study, practice, habit-forming, team-leading and a whole lot of trial and error, I have decided a few things:

1) Being truly WELL is an inside-out job (too many of us think of it the other way around)

2) To support us as great LEADERS in anything we do, our wellness must be a priority everyday – can’t LIVE without it (mind, body, spirit)

3) WELLNESS can happen no matter how ‘busy’ we are in our days. Like anything meaningful, WELLNESS takes practice to create new habits.

4) There is BIOINDIVIDUALITY in achieving a life lived in wellness.

5) EVERYONE has access to it.

AND – I believe there are 5 Pillars to Whole Wellness, and as leaders, to we must find ways to balance & incorporate all of them into our regular lives:


2) How we FUEL our bodies 🍽️

3) How we MOVE our bodies 💃🕺

4) How we create a sense of CALM🧘‍♂️

5) How we create JOY 😄🎉

Consider these pillars – from there you will grow, and you will be an agile leader best-equipped to THRIVE in everything you do!

Here is the #questionoftheweek!

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