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Unlocking Your Potential: Playing a Bigger Game in the Realm of Knowledge

Today, I pose a question: What would it mean for you to step into a larger arena?

I'm not referring to speeding up or pushing harder – you're already putting in tremendous effort! 💨💪 And I want to affirm that you're doing an outstanding job as it is! 👍🌟

But let's explore: What exactly does playing a bigger game entail?

It could involve venturing beyond your comfort zone into uncharted territories. But how does one navigate the unknown?

Perhaps it's about relinquishing the need to always be right. While being right can feel validating, could there be richness in being open to uncertainty?

Consider this: What could you gain from challenging your current perspectives or embracing new ones?

For instance, what are your initial thoughts on this post or the person behind it? Are they definitive, or is there room for a fresh viewpoint?

Now let’s try this: envision a colleague you haven't quite clicked with. What preconceptions do you hold about them? Now, imagine seeing them through the eyes of the most compassionate and empathetic person you know. How might this shift in perspective alter the dynamics entirely?

Playing a bigger game isn't necessarily about altering actions; it's about adopting a new lens, a fresh outlook.

So, what if you experimented with a different approach to your next team meeting or allowed yourself a moment of respite amidst the hustle? How might this breathe clarity into your endeavors?

I ask you: What does playing a bigger game look like for you?

And more importantly, what's holding you back?

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